Noemi in Sydney

My year in "Down Under"

I’m really, really happy that I decided to come to Australia for one year. It was a hard decision and during the year sometimes really hard for me because of homesickness but my new Australian friends and my beautiful host family helped me to forget it because there was never really time for it. I did so many things all the time with my friends that I had no time to think about it.

At the beginning on the first day of school I was surprised how easy it was to organise school, how nice they were to me and especially how easy it was to meet new people. The Australians are really friendly and helped me to find a way into my new Australian life.

I think I did a really good choice with my host family. They were always there for me and they showed me so many things. Because my family is really involved in tennis we went Melbourne in January to see the Australian Open. I was so amazing for me because I love tennis just as much as they do. It was my first time to see a Grand Slam. It was just awesome! :)

Christmas was so good because we celebrated at a house at the beach. It was a really special Christmas because it was so hot. I loved it!

Then in April I decided to one of two offered Safaris, one going to Cairns (to the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest) and the other one going to the see the Outback. I chose to do the Cairns one and I really enjoyed it. It was a full packed week, doing different things everyday with an amazing group of exchange students from all over the world. We saw so many different things. It was amazing.

It really was the best year of my life! All these things I learned about, all these people I met and how good my English is now, were really worth it! I can just say if you don’t do it you’ll miss something!!

And I really want to thank my coordinator Jennifer for always being there if we needed help. She did an amazing job for all of the exchange students!! :) I hope you decide to come down under and have an awesome time! :)

Noemi ;)