Alina in Mission

Hello :) Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing very good here! Spring break is just about over and we took a trip to BC's capital Victoria with the international program, which was really nice! I also went to Vancouver again and had a movie night/sleepover with some other internationals and it was awesome! All I can say about my host family is that I'm one of the most lucky kids in town to be able to stay with them! School is great too, honestly, I don’t really mind that school starts again and spring break is over because I really like going to school here! It's so easy it doesn't feel like school at all! I also found a really nice group of Canadian girls I hang out with. And another friend from school lives 1 minute away from my house which great luck ... I mean its Canada!!! haha. Greetings from Mission, BC and Happy Easter! Alina