Berit in Washington

Hi there! My name is Berit and I’m from Switzerland. I was a foreign exchange student in Washington, USA. Luckily, I got to fly to New York with a bunch of people that I’d already known fromthe preparation seminar in Zurich, so I wasn’t really that nervous at all. The camp inNew York was so much fun, we saw so many cool and interesting things, and I evengot to stay 3 more days thanks to Hurricane "Irene".

My host family was great and we had a very good relationship. I really saw myself as a part of the family and so did they. They really wanted me to have a fun year and make a good experience. For the first time of my life, I had to learn what it’s like to live with younger siblings. Of course, they could be annoying at times but I just love them so much and I miss them a lot.

I really love high school in America. Not only because it‘s so much easier than inSwitzerland but also because there are so many fun classes you can take. I took clothing & textiles, dance, art, and many more. I did basketball in the Winter and track in the Spring. That was so much fun and a good opportunity to meet new people. I also went to many football, basketball and soccer games with friends. Homecoming, Snowball, and Prom were all great and the highlights of the year. 

This year was the best year of my life and I’m so glad that I decided to do this, it wasthe best decision I’ve ever made. I made friends and memories for life. I feel so much more mature and courageous now. I recommend everyone to do this because I’ve learnt so much throughout this year. Good luck and have fun to everyone that’s decided to do be a foreign exchange student! Berit :-)